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Unlike many law firms, at FIN & LAW don’t believe in making graduates work as trainee or associate level for many years before considering promotions. Our career path has a more structured approach with clearly defined roles and job levels. It’s a merit-based approach, transparency and objective. We recognise that to succeed in a law firm a lawyer needs not only excellent legal and technical ability but also a wide range of business, leadership and management skills. That’s why we’ve introduced a competency framework to set out the firm’s expectations at the various levels.

Throughout your career at FIN & LAW, you’ll be assessed on core competencies appropriate to your level. As with the promotion from trainee to associate, each stage of your development should be a natural progression and challenge you appropriately. Crucially, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

In addition to lawyers, our law firm employ non-lawyers and staff such as accountants, paralegals and secretaries to support the firm's legal and business functions.

Our Career Level Stages

At FIN & LAW we have the following with five career stages:
  1. Trainee/Intern
  2. Associate
  3. Senior associate
  4. Counsel
  5. Partner
At each of these career stages our employees will be coached, groomed and guided with suitable skills, on job evaluation and appropriate exposure.

Training and Needs Assessment

We believe on constant improvement to our intellectual capabilities and needs. We thus believe that members of our team require to frequent update their professional and academic capabilities to match to the standards of our services we offer.

In view of the above, subject to the availability of funding we encourage and facilitate our team members and employees to undertake frequent trainings and education upgrade such as pursuing Master degree or any other specialized training.

The Firm may from time to time organize or send its staff to various training, short course, attachment, internships or exhibitions or assignment for the purpose of learning and or acquiring a specific and relevant needed skills based on the needs assessment of the firm.
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